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Welcome to ABC


ABC Adult School is one of the state’s leading comprehensive adult schools. Located in Southeast Los Angeles County in the City of Cerritos the Adult School’s main campuses serve over 16,000 students per year in five major departmental areas. The school’s major instructional areas include Career Technical Education/Training, Academics (High School Diploma completion, GED and HiSet high school equivalency), English as a Second Language (ESL, Citizenship), Parent Education, Community Education (Health and Fitness, Arts/Crafts/Music and Special Interest, and Adults with Disabilities.) The school is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the Council on Occupational Education (COE). The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing credentials all teachers at ABC Adult School.

Something for Everyone!

One of the school’s main focuses is the Career Technical (Vocational) Education program. Our goal is to not only train you for a job but a career. With 11 accredited programs, the Career Technical Education Center offers industry certification and state licensure so you are ready to enter the workforce. houses one of the premier computer training centers in Southern California. Our programs include Administrative Assistant, Office Assistant, Accounting Clerk, Medical Office and Billing Specialist, Medical Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Web Design, Video Media Design, IT Technician, and our newest, upon final approval by COE, Cosmetology. The Computer Training Center, better known as CTC, is part of CTEC and offers world-class computer training using state-of-the-art equipment that includes the Windows 10 operating system and Microsoft’s Professional Office suite of software applications. Students may earn a Career Technical diploma or certificate of proficiency in any of our program areas with a full graduation ceremony every June.

The focus of the Academic Program is threefold:

  1. completion of a High School Diploma,
  2. preparation for passing the GED, and
  3. remediation of basic academic skills.

The program uses three modalities to accomplish its goals—an individualized learning lab., independent study, and teacher-led classes. If you are serious about improving academic skills or earning a high school diploma, one of the modalities is sure to match your learning style. Over 100 adult students per year receive either a high school diploma or GED through this very successful program.

Our highly successful Parent Education programs give parents the opportunity to learn, understand and grow with their children. The basic premise of the program is that learning is a natural ongoing process. Parent Education offers guidance to parents through a structured parent participation modality. Preschoolers are exposed to pre-reading, math concepts, science, music, and motor skill development activities. Parent Education also sponsors an annual Parent Leadership Academy which is a day of seminars, parent networking, and a banquet.

Community Education includes our Health and Fitness classes, Arts/Crafts/Music, Special Interest classes, and our Adults with Disabilities classes. “You’ll like the way you look” is the adopted slogan of the school’s ABC Fitness program. This program has grown over 400% over the past three years because of the quality and variety of classes offered. The overwhelming growth of the program is attributed to the public’s interest and demand for high-quality fitness instruction that focuses on personal health improvement. Classes offered range from Aerobics to Water Aerobics and Yoga. Fine arts and crafts classes are offered through our Arts/Crafts/Music and Special Interest programs. The fine arts program includes Brazilian Stitchery, Beginning Glass Fusing, Oil Painting, Water Color Painting, Quilting, Fashion Design Sewing, Baking, Upholstery, Piano, Guitar, and much, much more. Adults with Disabilities offers courses to adults with learning or physical disabilities who need help with basic life skills.

The School’s English as a Second Language program is an exemplary program that provides English language and Citizenship instruction to recent immigrants using eight instructional levels. The program is recognized state-wide for its unique specialized skills curriculum that offers instruction by skill level in pronunciation, grammar, reading, and conversation.

All of this high-quality, fully accredited instruction, is available to you at the lowest prices available in the region.

If any of our courses sound interesting, just click on the area of interest above or click below to go to the registration page