The IT technician program has a structured educational curriculum designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to work in the field of information technology (IT). Participants in the program learn about computer systems, including the components and their functions. They gain understanding of operating systems such as Windows, macOS, or Linux, and become familiar with software installation, configuration, and troubleshooting techniques. Networking concepts are a crucial part of the program, as students learn about local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), network protocols, and basic network troubleshooting.

Hands-on training is a key component of the program. This includes lab exercises, simulations, and practical projects that allow students to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios. Additionally, there is an on-site internship or for students to gain practical experience in a professional IT environment.

Upon completion of this program, graduates are prepared for entry-level positions in IT including such help desk technicians, technical support specialists, or computer repair technicians. They have the foundational knowledge and skills to handle various IT-related responsibilities and provide essential support to users in organizations of different sizes and industries.

To receive program certification, students must complete all classes within a 2-year time frame. To receive a career technical diploma, students must also provide a high school diploma or high school equivalency.

Program Course Requirements

  • Keyboarding
  • CompTIA A+ Hardware, Networking and Mobile Devices
  • CompTIA A+ Software, Security and Scripting
  • Python Programming for Game Creations
  • CompTIA Cloud+ Guide to Cloud Computing
  • Network+
  • Security+
  • Internship/Tech 1
  • Internship/Tech 2
  • PowerPoint
  • Job Preparation

Certifications Available

  • A+
  • Server+
  • Network+
  • Security+

Program Cost

  • $1,806 over 12 months

The above cost and time are estimated amounts for the program/pathway.  Your costs may vary. Additional fees may apply.  Program cost includes books, industry certification test fees, and administration fees.  Please see the Course Catalog (pages 13 & 16 - Click Here for Catalog) for further program details and cost information.  You may also call (562) 229-7960 to speak to an Adult School representative.