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Accounting Clerk

A graduate of the Accounting Program will be able to work in accounting firms, banks, and small businesses. They will be able to perform duties such as accounts payable and receivable, payroll for small companies, doing bookkeeping and basic tax preparation.  You will also learn to use the QuickBooks software program efficiently for such tasks as: tracking inventory, auditing accounts, creating balance sheets, and creating spreadsheets. This program will prepare students to pass the industry certification for QuickBooks.

Are you organized?
Do you enjoy working with numbers?
Do you like working with computers?
Are you a puzzle/problem solver?

Accounting Clerk

Classes Include:

  • Keyboarding/Data Entry 84 hours
  • Computer Essentials 84 hours
  • Social Media for Business 84 hours
  • Excel Essentials 84 hours
  • Excel Advanced 84 hours
  • Financial Accounting 84 hours
  • Managerial Accounting 84 ours
  • QuickBooks 90 hours
  • Tax Preparation or Payroll 84 hours
  • Job Prep 20+ hours
  • Total Hours 776

Certain classes may be offered at night.

Certifications Available:

Microsoft Excel, QuickBooks

Cost For Program: $1,337

The above cost is an estimate. Your costs may vary. Additional fees may apply. Program cost includes books, industry certification test fees, and administration fees. Some fees are paid directly to an outside vendor.

Possible Job Opportunities:

  • Accounting Clerk
  • Purchasing Clerk
  • Office Clerk
  • Accounts Payable/Receivable

Median Wage: $23.24

Source: EDD/LMID Occupational Employment Statistics Survey, 2020. Wages and actual employment are not guaranteed. Wages do not reflect self-employment.

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