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How We Got Our Logo

The Mission of the ABC Adult School is to improve the quality of life by providing our diverse community with meaningful opportunities to fulfill personal, educational and workplace goals through life long learning.


School Logo and Slogan Meaning

ABC Adult School’s logo was developed by Student Wei Huang in March 2009. Mr. Wei Huang’s explanation of the logo is that our learning process begins with the ABC’s and the design of the “A” is drawn backward to illustrate a revolution and transformation. It is a continual motion that starts up from the bottom right and goes up until it gets to the top and proceeds back down to the base without a pause. It continues to make a loop through to meet the other letters and they travel together. In addition, the three letters are connected and represent the mixed, united, and cooperative culture at the adult school. The long line through the letters upwards represents a road showing a gateway of diversity. He said, “We can all learn together at ABC Adult School and the students can build a bright future with many career opportunities.”

ABC Adult School’s “Learning for Success” echoes the above, the core values and mission of the school.