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Accreditation and Mission Statement


Mission Statement

The Mission of the ABC Adult School is to improve the quality of life by providing our diverse community with meaningful opportunities to fulfill career, educational and personal goals through lifelong learning.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Self-Directed Lifelong Learners who:

  • acquire knowledge and skills appropriate to their stage of life.
  • set and achieve personal, educational and/or vocational goals.
  • seek continuing educational, and/or vocational training opportunities.

Effective Communicators who:

  • demonstrate appropriate listening, speaking, reading, writing, creative, and/or computational skills.
  • apply communication skills to real-life situations.
  • enhance and improve their ability to understand and be understood by others.

Critical Thinkers and Problem-Solvers who:

  • exercise their powers of judgment, perception, and inference.
  • assess and fulfill their own needs by finding appropriate resources.
  • apply knowledge to professional, technical and other real-life situations.