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Academics – FAQs

Should I get my High School Diploma or High School Equivalency?

  • Meet with our Dean to determine the right path for you. A High School Diploma and a High School Equivalency Certificate fulfill the same requirements related to finding a job/career or transitioning into college.
  • Set up an appointment today with our counselor to let us know your educational goal(s) and we can develop a pathway that fits your needs to help you successfully reach your goals.

How many credits/courses do I have to complete to earn my HS Diploma?

  • ABC Adult School requires 180 Credits to obtain your diploma. Set up an appointment today with our Dean/Counselor to have your transcripts reviewed and see how many classes you need left to finish!

What test should I study for?

  • We have seen a higher success rate for students completing the HiSET exam compared to the GED.

Is a calculator allowed?

  • Yes. We recommend the TI-30xs which is allowed for both the HiSET and GED exams.