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Academics – FAQs

Concurrent  HS student info

  • What is a Concurrent student?
    • California Education Code 52500.1 allows high school students to attend an adult school for credit recovery. These students may only attend after their regular school day (EC 52523). The students are called “Concurrent” students because they are attending both their comprehensive high school and an adult school.
  • How do Concurrent high school students attend ABC Adult school?
    • High school students must have a concurrent contract (EC 52500.1) signed by their school counselor or administrator, parent and student, unless student is eighteen, a parent signature is required. Concurrent contracts are available from the adult school office and/or the student’s home school. A mandatory conference must be held with student, parent and counselor prior to the signing of the concurrent contract (EC 52500.1).
  • When can students attend?
    • Concurrent students may attend adult education classes after the completion of their school day. If a student is absent from their home school, they cannot attend adult school that day. If there is a minimum day at their home school, the student may not attend adult school until the end of the normal school day.
  • Credit Recovery process
    • Students may earn full or partial credit. Classes assigned cannot be for advancement purposes. Students may only take courses that they have previously received a D, failed or will not be able to complete before their projected graduation date, including all summer school sessions.
    • Concurrent Admission Requirements
      • Seniors are to be given priority to enroll at ABC Adult School as a concurrent student
      • Concurrent students must provide their own supplies including paper and pencils necessary to complete their assignments.
      • All concurrent students must have a signed concurrent contract from their school counselor in order to attend ABC Adult School.

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